Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Hat of My Own

Mrs. TSMK is fairly conservative in her dress and, truth be told, would likely dress all in brown every day if given the opportunity. So, when I walk downstairs from our bedroom in the morning sporting one of my favorite (read: obnoxious) Robert Graham paisley shirts, or perhaps mix patterns between tie and shirt, she has been known to flinch. Occasionally audibly.

I like bright colors and patterns, and always have. I've been told it is because I'm from the South. There is seersucker in my closet, so that's certainly possible, but I'm not so sure. In any event, this is one aspect that I do not enjoy about living in the Pacific Northwest. Here in and around Seattle, everyone seems to prefer the invisible pedestrian look. Layers of charcoal and black. The weather is gray enough around here without dressing the part.

Last winter, I began thinking about a new hat. I love hats and have quite the collection, as I prefer wearing hats to carrying (and losing) umbrellas. But although I had made several knit hats for my sons, I didn't have one of my own. I began casting about for ideas. In my LYS, I came upon Folk Hats: 32 Knitting Patterns & Tales From Around the World by Vicki Square (available here:

There are a lot of hats in that book that I would love to own, but I opted for the Peruvian Hut Hat. This was my first experience with intarsia, and frankly I made a bit of a mess of it. Still, with the chicken motif in many bright colors of Lambs Pride bulky, and everything nicely felted, I love it. Now, if only Mrs. TSMK felt the same. -TSMK

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  1. check out the for another straight male knitter -- although David hasn't been knitting much lately. October 2008 Rhinebeck Alpacalyse Now has particularly good photos of his knitting skills. BTW found you on Brooklyntweed.