Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shawl Giveaway - one week to go

With one week to go before the decision, I've recruited a few friends to help me make the decision. The first is a lover of lace. In fact, he particularly likes it when he rips it apart in his jaws.

The second, well he should remain nameless. But suffice it to say that he is a serial nudist who appreciates poetry, knows over fifteen words to describe the derriere and is lobbying strongly for the first word of the junior-most member of the TSMK clan to be some variant of "flatus."

The holy ghost in this trinity of threadwork adjudication is, of course, Mrs. TSMK. And that's all I should say about that.

The entries continue to trickle in, although I'm expecting a bit of a push toward the end of the week. Here are a couple of very nice entries received in the last few days.

From some kind of hybrid waterfowl/rabbit (who knew they could type?), this two-stanza limerick:

There once was a straight male knitter
whose root had turned all abitter
but this duck did drool
thinking it was so cool
and wondered, if it would fit'er?

So the duck emailed her request
at TSMK's behest
but haiku she din't
so please take this hint
wearing your shawl would be the best!

And from a reader currently patiently awaiting the expulsion of a parasite with a nine-month lease -

Food analogies
set off my pregnant cravings.
Scotch nay, but shawl yea

Keep those entries coming, and keep tuned for the week after the giveaway for an important public service announcement.


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