Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Driving the big rigs & using the small needles

As reported in the Wall St. Journal two days ago, many long-haul truckers are picking up needles and yarn (or thread) while between jobs hauling freight.

This is seriously cool.  Soon, truck-stops everywhere will carry skeins of koigu along with their pine tree air fresheners. 

But more to the point, this may usher in a whole new scene at your average truck-stop strip club. 

When I was growing up, the nearest such establishment to my home town was the Cafe Risque, which was (and, I believe, still is) a kind of surrealistic amalgam of a strip club and a Dennys.  A place where a lingere-clad waitress will bring you an exorbitantly priced plate of bacon and eggs while a down-on-her-luck coed gyrates naked atop your table. 

Or so I've been told.  I of course never ventured onto the premises, not even to confirm or disprove the rumors of a certain high-school girlfriend who may have been employed there and who, if reports are true, may have undertaken to dye her hair. . . all of it . . . a vibrant shade of red.  No, I never set foot in the place.  I promise.  Really.

If you've ever driven along I-75 in north or central Florida, you will have seen the signs for the Cafe.  They promise to bare all.  They also promise that they have clean showers for truckers.  

But soon, naked women and clean showers may be insufficient. 

How are they going to lure in these trucker-knitters?  Maybe free use of a swift to wind their yarn?  Perhaps some dedicated space for blocking a project?  They're going to need to get creative.

But on the plus side, maybe the truckers can make a few items for the dancers.  Like maybe hats or mittens.  It was always cold in there, what with the air conditioning blowing full blast.  Or so I've been told.  And you wouldn't want your dancer waitress to catch cold.


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