Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Papal Bull

Honestly, I thought I had a shot. 

In fact, I'd even picked out my new name:  Erasmo I.   It has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

But it wasn't to be.

I'd like to think I got at least a few votes.  Maybe even that it was close, and I just lost by a cardinal or two.  But of course since they burn the ballots, I guess we'll never know for sure.

Luckily, I've got a plan for consoling myself.  You see, I've been hoping for some time to find a new companion.  Someone who is a good listener.  Who doesn't argue.  Maybe even someone who doesn't openly object when I spout nonsense.  After all, if I'd gotten the job I'd be infallible - that would've been fun.  And since I didn't get the job, I'm still plenty fallible.  But now I've found someone who doesn't seem to notice.

Here she is.  Isn't she lovely?  She was needing a new home, and being of a charitable disposition I thought it was only appropriate that I offer her space in my home.  To take off the chill of the evening, I'm letting her borrow my Winter of 2012/2013 scarf - done in Malabrigo worsted.  I hadn't tried brioche stitch before.  Love the result.  Didn't particularly enjoy the knitting as it seemed to take a long time to finish - what with knitting every row twice.  Mrs. TSMK was kind enough to lend a hat I'd made her for Christmas - but also insisted that she be somewhat decent and put on a skirt.

I haven't decided what to name my new ladyfriend yet.  If you have an idea for a good name, shoot me an email at the address to the right of this post with your suggestion.  I'll take suggestions until the end of March - and then announce her new name at that time.  To the winner goes the prize: a skein or two of my new favorite yarn.



  1. She looks like an Ariel to me. Just saying.

  2. Not Erasma?

    Actually I think she looks a little like Bertie Wooster's occasional fiancee, Madeline Bassett.

  3. Frances, obviously. But she goes by Frankie because she has always hated the name Frances. :)

    New reader, just found your blog a few weeks ago and have been catching up.

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  5. Just read your blog while searching for men who knit. The Guardian just sprinkled all sorts of news about Julia Gifford and her knitted kangaroo for Will and Kate's expected baby.

    It was refreshing to add your blog to the list of others I collected. I'll publish when ready, but I had an esteemed great uncle who knit all his life for relaxation and to make clothes. He was straight as an arrow. :)