Friday, August 12, 2011

You Bet Your Asp

On this day, 2,041 years ago, Cleopatra VII died near Alexandria, Egypt.

And on this day, some 1,993 years later, Anthony Ray was born in Seattle, Washington.

At first blush, you might think these events are unrelated. But dig a bit deeper and I think you’ll agree that they are inextricably linked. For Cleopatra is popularly believed to have died after being bitten by an asp.

And Anthony Ray, better known by his stage name of Sir-Mix-a-Lot, is best known for his anthem to, well, something that sounds an awful lot like asp.

What does all of this mean? Nothing, really. Except that it means today is a particularly auspicious day. The kind of day that makes a person want to announce something.

So, I’m announcing that I’ve started my Christmas knitting. True, I may have mentioned this before. But one of our current presidential hopefuls has announced her candidacy at least three times now – so really I’m just being presidential. Not redundant. Really.

And, since I’m announcing that I’ve started my Christmas knitting – I’d like to announce that I want to add a couple of new names to my Christmas-gift-list. You heard me right. I already plan to make things for family and numerous friends – but I want also to make something for at least one complete (or nearly complete) stranger. So – this seems like an opportunity for a new giveaway. So – I hereby kick off the 2011 TSMK Christmas-Gift-Listapalooza.

Here’s the scoop: You want something – you ask for it.  Maybe a scarf?  Or how about some socks?  Could be anything.  Tell me what you’d like made, and why you think you should be added to my Christmas list.  Make it (the item) memorable.  If it is something intriguing – I’ll be more likely to want to make it. 

And make the request memorable as well. In past events we’ve had fun with poetry, photos and even an adorable video of an infant. All of that is in play with this one as well. In fact, anything you can email can be used as a submission. However, please do not send me anything you wouldn’t want to see posted in this journal or of which you think The Echidna might disapprove.

All entries should be sent to If you need to send something through snail mail – shoot me an email and I’ll reply with an address.

I’ll accept entries through the autumnal equinox. Have fun, and I hope to hear from you.



  1. I'll have a go - and I'm requesting a shawl please. I'm too big of a chicken schnitz to attempt lace, even though it is absolutely gorgeous. For all of your hard work, I offer this hiaku ~

    Knitting is our escape
    Making knots with two sharp sticks
    Quiet, I'm counting

  2. I'd love an Ishbel shawl in green, if at all possible.

    Two sticks, some string
    A pattern or a chart
    Time and effort
    These things make a finished object
    A garment, a sock, a toy for a baby
    For women it's easy
    But for men it takes balls and I don't mean maybe

  3. Interestingly random post. I enjoyed your style of writing.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Such an amusing post! I'll be shooting you an email for sure.

  5. I am certainly getting my email ready and will be sending it off to you soon. Gotta get the kids ready for some awesome begging!

  6. Thank you for posting this video, I hadn't watched it in a while but it was exactly what I needed today!

  7. I would like a Bunny Nugget :)

  8. Sending off my email and hoping for a pretty pair of socks or a shawlette....

  9. I would love a jackalope by Hansi Singh. They are my most favorite creatures. Besides I bet no one ever asked you for a jackalope before. I even have the pattern book if you need to borrow it ;)
    Cliffykat on Rav.

  10. Oh what a great idea. I knit and knit for my kids, when I'm not running my business. I kind of get what you say about being an unexpected knitter as no-one else I know knits and I'm a woman! My little boy, Jamie, is just getting into crochet and knitting, partly because I do it and his sister is learning.He is very much a boy's boy and also likes crafty stuff. The kind of boy who is comfortable wearing his football shirt with some of his sister's beads because he likes the colour and is really comfortable with himself and hasn't quite twigged that boys are supposed to do that. He is only just 5 and doing brilliantly with the knitting. However, it will be a while before he knits a particular thing and am hoping he gets into before he realises boys don't really do this sort of thing. It would be great if you could knit him some fingerless mittens - a present from a male knitter - a kind of distant male supporter!

    So a long plea for Jamie's fingerless gloves and a short poem for you.

    Jamie's fingers,cold
    Gloves from kindly stranger
    Warm pinkies and heart

    fingers crossed!

  11. I wish…I wish…I wish for a pair of socks.
    A pair of socks I would be so bold.
    They would keep my feet from getting cold.
    I cannot knit them for myself.
    Too busy teaching knitting for my wealth.
    Husband just got a job after almost 2 years.
    This news came with abounding cheers.
    I homeschool my kids and try in vain
    Not to let them drive me insane.
    I teach so much I rarely feel like knitting, so…
    I am sad about that but I lost my knitting mojo.
    I have so many projects that are partly done.
    I haven’t touched them lately, not even a one.
    My days are filled with teaching and therapies for my son.
    No knitting time to get everything done.
    My daughter is patient and doesn’t fuss much.
    I try to spend more time with her and such.
    This rhyme kind of stinks and I never said I was a poet
    But I’m sure it made you smile…come on, you know it!

  12. A knitting haiku, in the hope of a knitted cow. Any color, with spots, please. My husband misheard me when I said I'd use the leftover of my Manos Silk blend for a cowl, and now I want thos cow he thought I said I'd make.

    A dream becomes an
    intricate beautiful thing
    soft, fuzzy, and warm

    Now back to that pile of Christmas socks.

  13. Hey Rev! If i had to wish for anything it would be the mittens in my favorites on Ravelry. Its just way beyond my skill level at the moment, but i love them dearly.

    Its fun reading all the comments too!

    The Goddess

  14. Oh Joy! What should I choose for my chance,
    Let's give my favorites list a glance.
    Something Floral mitts in purple and grey,
    Or Into the Labyrinth, would make my day!
    Or some fancy socks would always be fun.
    And now my wishing (begging) is done.