Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thoughts for a Thursday

After checking in with The Echidna this morning, I found I had a few random thoughts floating around.  I'm not sure they're all mine (although some of them clearly are).  So here they are in no particular order, a kind of lost & found of thoughts.  If you think one of them is yours, please take it and go about your business.

Rap music never got better than Run-DMC.  Match My Adidas or Mary, Mary against any other piece of the genre and the boys from Queens will prevail.

Why hasn't anyone made a combination bagel-doughnut?  You'd get the crunchiness of the outside of the bagel, coupled with the chewiness of the inside and the sweetness of the doughnut.  What's not to love?  Chocolate frosted whole wheat bagel might just be the world's most perfect food.

I've had the hats on the wall for quite a while now.  Should probably change it up and put something else on that particular canvas.  Not sure what, exactly.  Yarn?  Skateboards?  Paisley shirts?

Is there any mammal that doesn't have a nose of some sort?

I miss Douglas Adams.

Tonight is Mrs. TSMK's book club, and she's hosting it at our house.  I must resist the urge to do or say something that might embarrass her.  Although, to be fair, I rather like my overalls.  They're comfy.

When you write out all the multiples of 9 from 1 to 10 in one big line you get a giant palindrome.  How cool is that? 

If I'd never seen and loved the original version of Top Gear, would I still dislike the U.S. version?

Swatching is overrated.  If something doesn't fit, rip it out and change the size.  Knit for the process, not the result.

I need to get more people to join my team for Pawswalk.  Its going to be a great time and the lace-ripper will be there in all his furry glory.



  1. I agree with you on so many of these points - though Run-DMC is in a close tie with Grandmaster Flash in my book. Run had a little more "pop" exposure. I would totally go for a bagel-doughnut, particularly if cinnamon was involved. Douglas Adams is still phenomenal, even if he's at the diner at the end of the world, math palindromes are awesome, and U.S. Top Gear sucks.

  2. I must say point out Public Enemy is one of my personal favorites, as well as a huge inspiration for the icon Tom Morello :)