Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TSMKBO-YAG - Upping the Ante

After much thought (and one suggestion) I've decided to up the ante slightly.  So, in addition to the Cascade 220 - the selected participant will also receive two of my own attempts at handspun.

The cream skein is laceweight - about 165 yards.  The brown skein is worsted - about 75 yards.  Both are rustic.  But both were hand picked, washed, carded and spun by me. 



  1. I thought I would leave a little feedback following your last post about attracting and keeping your readers. I have just been through my bloglines list and deleted a bunch of blogs. I will keep reading a blog (I keep typing "blob") if there are regular posts. Once a week is fine. Once a month is really not enough to keep my interest. Also I really like to hear back from a blogger if I have left a comment (hint hint). Not every time, necessarily, but now and again. It starts a relationship. I do find that the white text on a black background is hard to read on my 47 year old eyes, but as I mostly read your posts via bloglines it's not a big problem. I enjoy your writing, so keep it up. And I would like to enter your contest but I don't use wool (vegan) though the thought of receiving some rustic handspun is very appealing!
    Best wishes, Nicola (

  2. Nicola,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Honestly, it never occurred to me to comment back to people who comment on the site. But it is a good idea and I can see how it might improve the blog. Thank you for the suggestion.