Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The School Auction

A few months back, my oldest son's elementary school had its annual auction. In years past, this event has received tremendous support from the local business community. With the general condition of the economy this year, however, business donations were down, and the PTO was leaning on parents to donate handmade items, services, or anything else that might be of value. After some thought, I decided that I would knit something. I ultimately decided to make Kieran Foley's excellent seascape stole (found on and also at Kieran's own website:

Along the way, the PTO began putting together the auction program, and needed information for the item. Although I've been known to knit in public, my hobby isn't widely known, so we decided to list the item as donated by "the {TSMK} family."

The big night arrived, and the stole was one of the silent auction items. This was the first piece I'd prepared for something other than a simple gift (although I'd gifted it to the PTO), and I admit I was pretty nervous. I was horrified that the stole would be viewed poorly, wouldn't get any bids, etc. After initially looking at the stole and the bid sheet to make sure everything was correct, I tried to stay away from the table.

The silent auction closed, and I wandered over to the table to see how things had turned out. It turns out that the stole had been the subject of a minor bidding war between one of the other parents and. . . TSMK's wife. Yes, that's correct, I knit the stole to donate to the PTO, only to have Mrs. TSMK buy the item. Too funny. -TSMK

Here is my finished version of the Seascape Stole - done in Kidsilk Haze:

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