Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Best Foot Forward

This morning, on the way in to the office, I ran into a friend.  A former colleague, he and I share many interests – scotch being among them. 

Grabbing my attention, he told me he needed to share something with me.  In fact, he said he needed to share something about me.

Being somewhat prone to narcissism (I do blog, after all), I was naturally interested in what he might need to share.  Unfortunately, however, the opportunity for him to share this great secret didn’t arise during the commute, and I made my way to the office in suspense.

A short while later, I shot him an email.  What did he need to talk with me about?  Was everything ok?

He responded with a cut and paste from facebook.  One of his friends.  And as I read the text, my head began to swim. 

Mr. Rogersish normal looking guy. Felt man purse holding his knitting.  Vibram shoes. #onlyontheferry

In the immortal words of Keanu Reeves: Whoa.

First of all, I look very little like Mr. Rogers.  And I never interact with puppets.  Well, almost never.  There was that one time in college.  But that was just a phase.

Second, what’s wrong with Vibram shoes?  They are comfortable, sporty and yes, just a little bit quirky.  In essence, they are the Fiat 500 Abarth of footwear.  Sure, it may not be for everyone.  But that’s just because not everyone has the necessary forza di carattere.

Third.  It isn’t a man purse.  It is a satchel.  But it is felted.  By me.  It kicks ass.

And it does hold my knitting.  Currently, it is holding the first of four projects I've agreed to make "to order" as part of a fundraiser for a local food bank.  The first is my interpretation of Juno Regina.  I cast on this past Saturday, and hope to share the finished product soon.


  1. Hey - I wanted to say that as a fellow male knitter from the PNW who just recently started, this blog is very inspirational and cool! Makes me want to knit in public. I have been a bit hesitant, even though there's really no reason to. Keep it up and I look forward to reading more posts.

  2. I haven't made my bag yet, but that could have been a description of myself. New reader, and now I'm hooked.

  3. I should start a blog called "Straight Male Crocheting". LOL! I recently joined a group of people who do both crocheting and knitting! There's a guy there who's pushing 80, who has been crocheting since he was 7 years old and makes the coolest stuff, and can work and talk at the same time. We have a great time, and sometimes we all even accomplish a few rows of our craft. (I found out that if I don't show up, the women of the group want to know why!) Cool, huh!

  4. I'm not giving back the KEXP messenger bag. It's been given a job. Unless, of course, it's an even trade for the 'man purse' ;)...

  5. I found your blog via a web search after reading a fairly interesting blog post by a woman talking about men who blog and aren't afraid to share their sewing hobbies. It made me think a lot as my partner (a straight man like you) crochets. He asked me to teach him this summer and he had made endless phone socks for family and friends, a throw for sofa downstairs, five cushion covers to date and a cover for his new tablet. Like you, he thinks no one should be defined in what they do purely by gender.

    Your satchel kicks ass and so does your attitude. Not to mention your sense of humour.