Monday, December 7, 2009


‘Twas eighteen days before Christmas. . .

And I’m not even close to finished with my projects. This isn’t new, mind you. Last year I spent a good portion of Christmas Eve trying to finish a Clapotis for Mrs. TSMK. This year, however, I’ve taken on a few more projects, and would really prefer not to be finishing up at the last minute.

So where do things stand?

Well, I have finished two projects, have two on the needles, and have two that I haven’t yet started. Of the two currently in process, one will go quickly. The other, well, not so much. A back of the envelope calculation suggests that I have around 26,000 stitches remaining for that one. I can get it done in time, but if I’m going to get them all done in time, I may need to give up on sleep and matters of general hygiene. At the moment, all of the activity, with relatively little progress, is making me feel a bit like the following fellows, who I managed to spy while picking up brine shrimp to prevent our C. Frontosa from demonstrating their bulimic tendencies:

One thing I’m unable to give up is my proclivity toward haiku, which I often construct while knitting. With that in mind, I offer the following:

Serene enjoyment.
Each stitch a meditation
of life, love and wool.

The Christmas present
slowly slips from my needles.
I need more coffee.

Clicking Addi nines
morph mohair into fabric.
Will she like the gift?


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